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  • Price – You can usually pick one up for less than a standard bike and the cost of the mods. The last guy took the depreciation hit on the Touratech and Acerbis goodies. Many people bought it for 1 trip and just want rid when they get home. Overland bikes arn’t appealing to 90% of the bike buying community.
  • The right bike for the job – Overland bikes are usually well researched model choices. The legwork and research has been done (Usually).
  • Modifications – Large tank, bashplates and hang guards already there. The preperation, fitting and sourcing of all your parts takes an age which someone else has already done.
  • Spares – It’s not uncommon to be handed a bag full of un-used spare parts when you buy one.
  • Previous owner – Was an overlander. The vast majority of us are honest, good people with a common interest. They will usually always tell you what is good and bad with the bike. What mods have been done, what needs doing etc. Buying a bike off Ebay is scary and you can easily end up with a lemon. I’ve been had a few times and I’m a qualified moto technician.

(Potential) CONS

  • Bodges – This is probably the worst aspect. When you’re stuck out somewhere, you will do whatever it takes to get going or keep going. Sprockets welded on, engine oil in the forks, things glued and ziptied together etc. This is not good.
  • Incorrect parts – When you cant get genuine or quality parts, anything will do. Can be pretty dangerous putting the wrong speed rated tyres on, wrong type of chain and the wrong types of bolts in the wrong places.
  • Hard life – Overland bikes have a hard life. Sand, gravel, crashes, drops, being run on poor fuel and “alternative” lubricants
  • High Mileage – Goes without saying.
  • Lack of maintenance – Just read the technical pages on the hubb. People going 2-3 the distances on oil, valves never checked etc.
  • Paperwork – Where did this bike really come from ????????????? Travel bikes pass hand to hand around the world. Papers are often manufactured. I know this first hand . Could be a big problem if you’re caught.
  • Inconsiderate owners – Many people who travel on bikes arn’t bikers. They just think “Hey it would be cool to ride A to B then ditch the bike”. These are the people who never change oil or care if they destroy the bike. Ride it like you stole it mentality.

Of course, Im not saying this is true of every bike. Just things to look out for which are all too common.