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I would like to say thanks to a few people who have helped me so much with my planning, preparation and general motivation.

So, in no general order of importance:

The Horizons Unlimited team and members. Without this website and the people on it, I don’t think half of us would get where we want to be. A wealth of information and inspiration for Overlanders around the world. Thanks guys !

Shells: My brilliant and beautiful South African adventure buddy. I met Shells from HU and we have been brilliant mates since. Shes wandering around the Aussie outback at the moment giving the cowboys a run for their money :)Shells gives me a kick in the arse every time I felt swamped or worried. Cheers babe xx


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 Karl Heinz: My new German mate in Buenos Aires. Karl invited me to chat with him on MSN when he saw that I was going to South America. A wealth of knowledge about bikes and travel and always willing and able to help out fellow travellers. He’s helped me out a great deal with paperwork, climates and trying to learn Spanish. Hes also helped me network with people in Buenos Aires. Cheers buddy, I look forward to the BBQ and Asado !



Ian Kaney: A good mate of mine who helped me throw this website together. A true genious and super saucy dude !