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Author: Ted Magnum

Europe = Too easy !!!!!!

F**K it…… Let’s ride THROUGH Europe to Africa.  While we’re there, might as well head all the way south to Capetown  🙂

I’ve just been introduced to what seems a great website for travelling on a budget.

Loads of places to go and chill out for free in exchange for mucking in with some labour…. A few hours a day working in the sunshine in the countryside is a small price to pay for your sanity. Plus, I really want to polish up on my Spanish and get back into the “traveller” social group.  My kind of people !!

I think i’ll go mad if I stay in the UK.  Living in my mums spare room for the next 18 months to save for a £10,000 trip to ride to Capetown seems psychologically impossible at the moment. ..  Off setting the Africa trip may not be such a bad idea… I don’t think it’s going anywhere. I might as well sit out the recession in the sunshine and come back and save some decent money for the Africa trip when things are more settled..

I start a new job (Stil at Sony) this week. It might help with the boredom for a while but if not, I think ill be out of here by the end of September.

Other news…I’ve gone and got myself another bike.  A bright yellow Suzuki DRZ400 trail bike.  I got it for Africa but as that seems to be on hold for a while, I dont know whether to keep it or not.. I will probably have to sell one bike to fund this winters escapade but which one ???????????????

Since returning to the shores of Merry old England in May 2008, I’ve had nothing but a desire to travel more and more. If anything, I want to get away even more than before I set off for South America.

Travelling (and especially on motorcycle) is such a fantastic life changing experience it is something that I think I will always have to do. I’ve met so many fantastic people and experienced things that I only dreamt of and I’ve barely scraped the surface of planet Earth.

I’ve been hatching up a few hair braining ideas since my return since last May whilst still paying for my last trip ! I ended up spending about £10,000 in South America and I only budgeted for £5,000. The £2500 trip to Antartica and my lack of planning for beer and hotels really hit the credit card hard. So, the last year has been spent paying off that extra £5000 and saving enough to buy my current steed… A 1999 battered Africa Twin that has already been to South Africa and back (so hopefully she knows the way lol)..

Soooooo !! The saving starts now.  And now the eternal question  ! WHERE ????????????????????????

I’m toying with the idea of riding from the UK to Capetown then back to to Argentina and upto Colombia again (visiting the west coast of South America which I missed) OR maybe riding to Australia…

Watch this space  🙂

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