Touring Ted

2 wheels & no sense. My Motorcycle travel blog.


I’m Ted. I’ve also been know to answer to “Knob Ed” , “Thick Ed” and many other unmentionable things.  So go with what you feel comfortable with..

I was born at a very young age in Liverpool, England and have now accumulated nearly 40 years on Planet Earth. I live on a peninsula called the “Wirral” which is on the other side of the infamous River Mersey to my closest city, Liverpool. I like to think of myself as a laid back, easy going and generally care free individual. I’m blessed with many great friends, an extended family and through my wish to travel by motorcycle, I have gained so many more.

The Motorcycling bug started for me in the late 90’s. I was a teenager and found myself working at a small Rock club in Birkenhead. Rock clubs are full of bikers. And the bar flies soon talked me into doing my bike test not long later I was on two wheels.  At 18, I was zipping around on a Cagiva Planet 125 two stroke and the seed was sewn.

The Motorcycle travel bug took a few more years to catch on…

I think this seed was initially planted in 2003. I was 23 and had almost finished University. Like most, I was pondering what to do with my life. It was then that I had an head to head confrontation. Kawasaki ZX6R vs  Ford Fiesta…. The Car won !!! . I was ok apart from a broken ankle but the my ZX6R was a write off.

If I recall correctly, I was lying in bed all bandaged up with with my girlfriend. We were channel hopping and flicked onto an interview with Ewan Mcgregor talking about the “Long way round”.

We were both the adventurous type and didn’t need much of an excuse to do something a bit different so within a few weeks we were shopping for an Africa Twin and planning an adventure through Europe with my compensation money.

I wont go into the specifics of that ‘interesting’ Continental adventure apart from that I was truly bitten by the bike travel bug.  Sadly, the ex wasn’t so happy after a few weeks without a hairdryer and living out of pannier case so when were were down to our last credit card, we decided it was time to go home.

The next couple of years were spent like most people. Working boring jobs, going to the same old places and generally “going through the motions”.  As I was always the practical type and had the use of my late fathers engineering workshop, I found myself pulling bikes and engines apart for my own entertainment. So often in fact that I decided to go to college and get some qualifications.  So I ended up with all my Motorcycle mechanic qualifications and grafting away in the Motorcycle trade. I worked in sales, workshops and also playing around buying and selling my own projects at home.

I’ve always been someone who gets bored very easily and I find it hard to settle into anything long term..  This general boredom coincided with the breakup with my long term girlfriend.  So now I had no girlfriend, no house and no ties !! I started planning a small trip around Europe to cheer myself up but then thought it would be a little bit too easy. Europe then turned into Australia but again that seemed too simple. I don’t know why I eventually chose South America, it just seemed like the the logical thing to do. Extreme scenery, foreign languages and a large diversity of cultures, climates and wilderness.

After a seven month trip in South America, my life was changed.  That led onto a Seven month trip from the UK-Capetown.  Then it was India,  Canada, South East Asia… Bikes, backpacking, canoes, cars, vans etc.

In 2012, I went to work for BMW as a technician.  Not my first choice of motorcycle but I have to admit I learned a lot and my mind was opened to the brand…

But alas.  I felt unchallenged. The work was monotonous.  So I decided to become self-employed and set up my own Motorcycle Restoration and customising company called Moto Revive.

I now have my own workshop where I pick my own custom projects and restoration jobs.  But I also work for BMW throughout the summer with a great gang of people.  One could say I have the best of both worlds.

What next ?