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Well. For the last few years I’ve been what I class as static. I made a decision to knuckle down to some hard work and hold a steady job down for a couple of years to re-fill the travel coffers.

Now those two years are over. My bank account is not looking as pathetic as usual so I’m off to South East Asia for a three month adventure. I fly into Bangkok next week. No plans as of yet. Exciting. 🙂

6 Responses to “Off to South East Asia”

  1. Smokehouse  Says:

    Glad to see you are all ready to go mate and that you resurrected your website.

  2. Dennis  Says:

    Hope you have great trip Ted. May even see you out there !!!

  3. Geoff  Says:

    The Mae Hong Son loop in Northern Thailand is fantastic fun.

  4. Ruud  Says:

    Have been following your adventures in Latam and Africa for the past years and was wondering if there’s something new coming up!

    In case you pass by Barcelona, I’ll buy you a beer!


  5. Ted Magnum  Says:

    Hi… Thanks for the support.

    Yes !! In April 2016 I will be leaving for Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, ‘The stans’ and Mongolia 🙂

    I’ll get my blog going again soon

    Cheers, Ted

  6. Ron Ruethain  Says:

    I know you will enjoy Thailand. I toured on a Kawasaki 175 Bushwacker it in the early 70’s and had a blast. My butt isn’t so young these days so moved up to a WR250R. Have fun.

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