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We left Covaleda and headed to Lodosa where once again, Neil has family. We were booked into a lovely hostel in the town square and soon settled in.  We were immediately taken to the family owned restaurant and fed mountains of fantastic Spanish cuisine then taken to a really cool bar where everyone was smoking weed (very common in Spain),  a pet ferret was running around the place and large friendly man was selling Ak47’s. I’m serious!!  Nothing to worry about though as it was all very friendly and I was offered a free revolver if I bought one off him that afternoon. Sadly, my luggage is already overloaded so I had to pass on the offer.

After four days of being fattened up and taken out into Logrono for a big “blow out” party in the city we finally left and made our way to Barcelona where I’m writing this post from.  We arrived on Sunday and its been hostel party life every day. I really love hostels sooo much.  There are bursting with interesting party loving people and there is always something to do.  I’ve been out clubbing with people from every nationality you can think of and blowing my travel budget on over priced beer. Still, you only live once !

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To add to my financial misery, I’ve just spent £200 on riding clothes and a large parcel bill.  The riding gear I brought with me for the trip is just too hot, fussy and awkward. Where large armour suits offer great protection and are perfect for a day trip of enduro riding, wearing it day in and day out is miserable.  It took 10 minutes just to put it on and I couldn’t take it off quickly which left me sweating and panting in the Spanish sun, let alone the Sahara !!

So, two days left in Barcelona and then it’s the ferry to Livorno, Italy. We have booked a hostel for Pisa already.  I can’t wait, but until then I’m going to thoroughly enjoy Barcelona some more…

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  1. Mariane  Says:

    Hey Ed good you have enjoyed Spain, new challenge coming now,how to order your spagetti!!

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