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I left on Bank holiday morning at 6am to try and beat the traffic.. I knew it was going to be a long ride to Surrey but I had to leave sometime !!

Wearing all my riding gear that I bought for Africa left me shivering in the “British summer”. I had to stop four times in the first couple of hours just to warm my hands on my exhaust pipe and jump about to get some blood back into my limbs…  I lost count the amount of times I thought “what the f**k am I doing” !! 

I battled on through the conjested, biker hating traffic that I love England so much for.  I never really warmed up wearing just body armour and my cycling wind stopper jacket…   A few lessons learnt already.  I have brought TOO much stuff, the luggage is too heavy and my wateproof cover for my tankbag flys off at anything over 40mph.. Great !!

I eventually arrived at Neils place six hours later in a bit of a daze. My bike was soooo heavy it handled terribly. With a top speed of a staggering 60mph it had me thinking if i’d picked the right machine for such a long trip. I’m still thinking that now ! Still, too late now and no turning back.

Things cheered up a lot once I unpacked and Neils mum thrust a cup of tea into my hands. 

Neil still hadn’t packed his bike or even ridden it for a few weeks.  To add to our lack of sensibility, his brakes didn’t work… This started me stressing a little although he didnt seem to mind !! Alas, we got it working (a bit) and we settled down into worrying about the next day  🙂

DSC02301 (Large)

Wednesday morning we awoke at 6am, packed up and were on the road for 7.15am. It was still freezing cold, my hands were numb and we were stuck in typical gridlocked traffic all the way to the ferry. It’s no surprise that the ferry terminal was full of bikers waiting to escape these shores.

12 hours on the ferry passed as slowly as we predicted and we didnt sleep well in our reclining chairs with drunken old bag ladies talking all night… Still, the thought of warm, sunny spain was on our minds !

DSC02303 (Large)
DSC02306 (Large)
DSC02310 (Large)

We arrived at Santander and immediately headed out of the city..  It doesnt take long to hit beautiful, rolling , green countryside and forrest. I had no idea Norther Spain was so beautiful. I’ve been wasting my time in the south all these years. The trip really starts to make sense once you feel the sun on your neck and the stresses of everyday life start dissolving.  Life is simple once again !

Five hours later and we are here in Covaleda. This town is the home of Neils family and the most “Spanish” place I have ever been. There is no tourism, no tacky shops or hotels and no “English breakfasts”. Its such a beautiful town and Neils family are showing us fantastic hospitality. I’m certainly not going to go hungry here.

So, the next few days will be spent getting fat and playing on the forest trails around the town. Fantastic stuff and zero stress.

DSC02316 (Large)
DSC02319 (Large)
DSC02321 (Large)
DSC02324 (Large)
DSC02329 (Large)
DSC02331 (Large)

11 Responses to “Arriving in Spain / Covaleda”

  1. Marisol  Says:

    Great to hear you enjoyed North of Spain that much!! Loved your T-shirt 😉 haha

    Beso grande Ted!

  2. Neal  Says:

    Hi Ted
    I came across your website a few weeks ago whilst dreaming of similar ventures. As I’ll be following the blog with interest I thought it would be a poor effort if I didn’t wish you all the best. May all you’ve planned and more come your way. Enjoy the Tusker beer in Kenya. Cheers Neal

  3. Mariane  Says:

    Hi Ed, glad you are enjoying the home town-village (it has grown!) love the pics – keep them coming & give my love to the folks in Covaleda.
    Look forward to your next postings, take care & keep safe
    Mariane x

  4. stan  Says:

    glad to hear you are enjoying it mate. Work on the house is proceeding really fast hope to have house valued at end of October!

  5. Sean  Says:

    Are those two men in the picture up there suspected terrorists? i can have the US army put up an orange alert for western europe. Let me know.

  6. Ted Magnum  Says:

    They look like terrorists to me !! Call up the national guard ! They have beards !

  7. Jim Lovell  Says:

    Good luck Ted,hope your having a ball.

  8. ted edwards  Says:

    Just discovered your web site and well done you. Your roughly half of my age and i have yet to set off on such a big adventure.Iam also impressed on how you have struggled to acquire the funding for the trip as well.I was just sitting here telling my wife and moaning about how I could not afford to do such a trip and she rightly said that i could if i followed yor example.Well i think she meant saving rather than move back in with my mum which would be difficult as she died many years ago.I hope she meant that thinking about it.Anyway keep us all up to date of your travels and enjoy the trip.Remember there really are far more nice people than horrible ones. Ted

  9. Ted Magnum  Says:

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

    There are many things you can do without with in life which cost you a lot of cash…. Just about prioritising ! Keep saving and i’ll see you on the road soon mate !

  10. dan and luka (spain)  Says:

    lots of love and envy. Enjoy and take it easy. Luca and his Dad.

  11. TouringTed  Says:

    Hey Dan, Luka !!

    What’s your email address ????


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