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It’s too late now ! No going back.

We’ve spent plenty of money this month….

The ferry to Santander is booked, the ferry from Barcelona to Italy is booked and the ferry from Venice to Egypt is also booked. Thats £600 in ferries alone .. Ouch !

More good news is that my bank guarantee has been accepted for my Carnet de passage.  Within a few weeks we should have all the required paperwork and bookings. Wooo

I’ve also had to sell my other bike to help fund this trip. It’s a welcome boost to the travel fund but i was very sad to see her go  🙁

Well, not much to report apart from that really. Just buying more and more spare parts and bits and pieces that we overlooked. When will the spending stop !!

6 weeks to go !!

3 Responses to “Things are coming together”

  1. Neil  Says:

    You’re going where? Who’s the lucky guy?

  2. Li Clark  Says:

    Hi Ted,
    Good to see you are deffo going on that trip you talked about when i came to view your AT. I called with my partner Tash on her Fazer remember? I eventually bought an RD03, been doing a few jobs on her before i get her on the road.Shes an 88 first one made in real nice condition. Will have to save and do a few trips now myself.

    Well i shall keep an eye on your blog with envy and respect, i hope you have a wonderful time and return home safe and well.Dont look back and trust your instincts, Best wishes Li.

  3. T.REX63  Says:

    OK Ted, found you blog. Now, bring it on…

    All the best and safe travels,


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