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Where does the time go !!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh

So, whats new with me and planning !  Not a lot really, or nothing really interesting enough to talk about. Just the usual routine of buying spare parts, fettling with the bike and trying to organise ferries, carnets, visas, inoculations etc… The list (and cost) just goes on and on.

I think the bike is 95% finished and ready to go.  Having such a small bike is a nightmare when it comes to finding space to put things. It’s a real challenge. It’s really looking like the real deal though.. A proper beefed up old rat lol.

With me things aren’t so good.  I hurt my knee over 2 months ago whilst playing football now and it’s still not healed. I’m being sent for an MRI scan as it should be better now.  Doctors and Physios are throwing ideas around of ruptured cartilage and sprained ligaments.  All I know is that it hurts most of the time and I still can’t even jog on it..  I really hope it sorts itself out in the next 10 weeks or I at least know what the problem is.

On a brighter note, I’m off to Cyprus next week for a wedding.. Looks like it’s going to be a scorcher so good practice for the Sahara :).  I’ll have to be REALLY careful with my spending over there though. My travel fund is already less than I hoped and i’m running out of time to earn anything to add to it before I leave.. Why do people always get married at the most inappropiate times. Hows selfish ! lol
So… I have a bit of an idea of a time table for the trip.

1st September – take ferry from Portsmouth (UK) to Santander (Spain)

23rd September – Take ferry from Venice (Rome) to Alexandra (Egypt)

Thats it for now……..heheh.   Progress though isn’t it 🙂