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Archive for July, 2009

I’ve just been introduced to what seems a great website for travelling on a budget.

Loads of places to go and chill out for free in exchange for mucking in with some labour…. A few hours a day working in the sunshine in the countryside is a small price to pay for your sanity. Plus, I really want to polish up on my Spanish and get back into the “traveller” social group.  My kind of people !!

I think i’ll go mad if I stay in the UK.  Living in my mums spare room for the next 18 months to save for a £10,000 trip to ride to Capetown seems psychologically impossible at the moment. ..  Off setting the Africa trip may not be such a bad idea… I don’t think it’s going anywhere. I might as well sit out the recession in the sunshine and come back and save some decent money for the Africa trip when things are more settled..

I start a new job (Stil at Sony) this week. It might help with the boredom for a while but if not, I think ill be out of here by the end of September.

Other news…I’ve gone and got myself another bike.  A bright yellow Suzuki DRZ400 trail bike.  I got it for Africa but as that seems to be on hold for a while, I dont know whether to keep it or not.. I will probably have to sell one bike to fund this winters escapade but which one ???????????????