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Sean, Criste and myself arrived in Puerto Iguazu on Thursday 20th March. Puerto Iguazu is right on the three corners border of Brazil and Paraguay and the base for exploring Iguazu national park and of course the magnificent waterfalls of Iguazu. The ride upto Puerto iguazu was very beautiful. Sweeping twisty roads through tropical landscapes. I hope the roads stay like this all the way north.

So we found ourselves a nice private cabin in a small park. Its a little cramped but very nice with bathroom, kitchen and set in a beautiful tropical garden. The usual routine of drinking, cooking and checking out the local bars didnt take long to get going but hey, im on holiday. The town is very touristic as you would expect with lots of backpackers but it has kept its small town local feel which I love.

Of course, we didn’t come here just to drink and laze around. We set off on Saturday for the 20km ride to the national park.

The national park is truely beautiful. A tropcial environment with lots of wildlife such as butterflies, alligators, codies (small racoon things) and lots of birds and insects. We walked around on the trails and then came up to the falls. WOW is all I can say. The waterfalls are truly the most magnificent thing I have ever seen and makes my trip to South America worth it alone. All I can say is just to look at the photographs and try and imagine the noise of water, mist, heat and tropical birds.

We spent about 6 hours walking around them and trying to take photos from all the best vantage points. Most of the time we just stood in silence in total awe of what we were looking at.

The sky darkened and huge tropical rain clouds came out of nowhere. We quickly made way back to the carparks and our bikes just as the heavens opened. We were drenched through for the 15 minute ride back to the cabin but red wine, a good meal and great memories kept us smiling as the rain disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. That night We decided to go into town for some caiparina cocktails to finish off the night…

All in all, a brilliant day. 

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6 Responses to “Puerto Iguazu and the great waterfalls.”

  1. Smokehouse  Says:

    Stunning photos fella. It looks as though you are having a great time. Make the most of it the weather here is cold and blowing a gale and the finance system has gone into meltdown. See when you get back in the meantime keep posting.

  2. lucy  Says:

    Looks amazin hun.

    Happy Birthday too xx

  3. Smokehouse  Says:

    What!! It was your birthday? I hope you did the honourabe thing and got completely shitfaced and set fire to half an acre of woodland!!!

  4. Mr 5150  Says:

    Prob not the best idea smokey, being that he’s in Brasil, they don’t look too kindy on burning trees n forests n stuff down too often 😉

  5. Toby (charapa)  Says:


    We were coming from Brazil and trying to enter Argentina(July ’07), but they wouldn’t let us bring the bikes in as they were not in our names. But we took the bus over to the waterfalls for the day. They were great except for SOOOO many people (reminded me more or Disney world than “The Mission”). I did love the Coati Mundis (SA racoon) though. They made it worth it!


  6. Destinationsinbrazil  Says:

    Great story, awesome pics. Seems like you had a once in a life time experience if Brazil

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