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Iv pretty much done no travelling since came back to Buenos Aires in early February. I met up a few times with some Argentian guys that I met in Ushuaia, seen a few shows, been shopping, repairing the bike and more often than not, drinking, eating and general chlling out with the other travellers that come through Dakar Motos. Its nice to take a time out from constantly riding and packing/unpacking everyday. 

I have mostly been staying at Dakar Motos again as its a great friendly atmosphere with new people coming through almost daily. It was there that I met Sean from Kansas. He has been stuck in Bsas for over 2 months while his bikes gearbox was being repaired.

It was Jorges ( from La postas) birthday in Azul so I rode down with Sean on the back of my bike as his was still in pieces (riding bitch as he says).  I knew there would be a great gathering and it was with over 30 other bikers making the pilgrimage to see him.. It was a brilliant party and broke up my Buenos Aires boredom a little !!

Half the reason I was in Buenos Aires for so long was because I was waiting for Bolivia to dry out. I did pretty much no research about the climate there and It seems that for pretty much most of March its flooded… The basic mud and gravel roads with heavy rainfall doesnt make good riding !!

Losing my passport and bumming about in Bsas for so long has left me behind schedule and I only really have 2-3 months max to complete my trip. For this reason I cant wait for Bolivia to dry out so iv changed my plan and decided to ride north through Brazil and pass through Venezuala into Colombia then into Equador…

This worked out pretty well as Sean from Kansas and Criste from California were seperatly planning the same trip so we all decided to ride together through Brazil to Clombia.

We set off on Monday for the 4 days ride to Puerto Iguaza which is on the border of Brazil and the base for visiting the magnificent waterfalls of Iguazu. We arrived here yesterday (20th March) and are going to stay here for a few days to go sightseeing, do some washing and waiting for them to get their visas for Brazil (US citizens need one).

The landscape is already changing dramatically from Argentina. Instead of boring flat pampa, its turning green, lush and very tropical. The very South America that i have been waiting for. Its really hot and sticky and finding locusts and ants in your hotel room is becoming just a normal thing…

So hold onto your hats for my journey through Brazil……

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4 Responses to “Bumming about in Bsas”

  1. Smokehouse  Says:

    Dude glad to hear that you are still in the land of the living and that you have company to ride with. Try not to lose anything this time and stay in one piece.
    Plans here in good ole Blighty are changing by the minute, looking forward to having a beer with you and chat when you get back.
    Stay in touch fella!

  2. Bob  Says:

    Dude, sounds boss, glad things are pickin up for you again :0) Im posted at Chester now 4 on 4 off so a nice little 2/3 dayer to Scotland me thinks when your back? after the bum grapes have settled down of course ;0)

    ps dont forget my brazillian/ Gracie jiu jitsu shirt bum slut!

  3. Lord  Says:

    Dude, I am happy to see you are back on the road. Do we need take up a collection for a new camera. You gotta have a camera for this northern leg. I am so excited about your new route. I am living vicariously through you. I’ve gotta visualize. I got 20 on the new camera. Much love and be careful.

  4. Ted  Says:

    Thanks for the collection offer but I bought a new one already on my credit card… Thats what they are for right…


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