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Author: Ted Magnum

Sorry I havnt posted for so long but I dont really like posting unless I have something interesting to say.

From my last post, I was on the way back to Buenos Aires for a new passport after losing mine down in souther Argentina. So, on my way north and only 200 miles outside of Buenos Aires, I return to “La Posta del viajero en Moto”. This is the hostel and biker refuge run by Jorge.

In true fashion of “la posta”, Jorge put on an Asado for me, some other travellers and his family and friends. It was during this grand feast that I got talking to Claudio (Jorges brother in law) and explained my loss. He insisted on taking all the particulars of where I might have lost them and what I had lost… I thought nothing more of this as the meat and beer kept flowing and the party continued…

So, the next day as im recovering from my hangover, Claudio comes in and tells me that hes tracked down my bag !! I Coudnt believe it. He had spent hours and hours phoning round numerous police stations and government departments trying to see if it had been handed in. MIRACULOUSLY, someone had found the bag and handed it in to a police station. The camera, translator, cashcard and 350 quid in cash were absent but my passport and other documents seem to there.

Claudio arranged to have his friend down south recover the bag and post it to La posta.

so all of last week i chilled out at la posta, drinking beer, reading books and getting a tan while my bag was put into the Argentinian mail system. I only had so long I could wait as I had an apartment booked and paid for in Buenos Aires centro.

When it still didnt show, i had to leave for buenos Aires and arrange for Jorge to forward it to Dakar Motos in Buenos Aires…

I am now in the apartment in Buenos Aires and just been informed that my bag has arrived at La posta and is being sent today to dakar motos… I “should” have my stuff back in a few days… Until then, its fingers crossed !!

The next few weeks ill just be hanging around in the city repairing my bike and planning the next stage of the trip so dont expect posts for a while…. Thats unless something else happens, which me being me . is highly likely 🙂

Chau for now !!

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  1. Cristi  Says:

    Nice, eh? That will relieve you of the red tape for passport hunting. Guess Argentina is trying to tell a pasty British guy’s passport has no resale value. Haha! Are we still on for Fos do Iguazu? I arrive in BsAs on the 11th, but don’t plan on leaving till that weekend.

  2. Reggie  Says:

    Greetings Matey,

    well the boss say’s you’ve got a job on your return!

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