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So I guess I should write about New years eve down here in Ushuaia. As always, I’m taking life very slow and easy. Iv been here in the Rio Pipo campsite for nearly a week while other bikers and travellers roll in and out, desperate to keep to their dead lines and schedules but I just lie in my tent until I feel like it and take another hour to decide if I can be bothered making breakfast or updating my blog.

Well, I got here 4 days before New Years Eve and a lot of the old gang from Viedma were already here along with other bikers and travellers on the tourist trail in Ushuaia. As always, The bikers hugged, shuck hands and shared a few beers whilst discussing our stops and crashes. As the days rolled on we started preparing for the new years eve party in the campsite refuge. This campsite is pretty good apart from the constant rain and cold but I guess you cant blame the weather on the campsite. In all fairness, we do get the odd bright day but its a rare occurance. They have a large communal area with tables, chairs and a old home made wood burning heater. There’s also a big old professional kitchen that the guests are free to use which is great for our big biker feasts we throw together.

So its new year eve and we are expecting 30 bikers for an Asasdo. I’m volunteered by Gherban as the Asado chef along with with my beautiful assistant Ken, the Aussie guy who’s travelling round the world with his wife Carol.

The day is a fluster of activity as we’re all running around buying steaks, chorizos , booze and salad. Gherban (the Dutch vegetarian chef) is running around making pies, deserts etc with everybody running around helping where they can.  There was other big group having an Asado made for them by the campsite manager so it was Me, Ken and the owner playing with steaks, sausage and fire all evening at the parilla.

After hours of blood, sweat and tears, we all sit down to a monster New years feast. This goes down as the best new years I’ve ever had with the best company you could wish for. We party until 2am with members of nearly every country imaginable. Us hardcore folk made out way into Ushuaia city centre and partied away until 6am which I would write more about if I could remember it 🙂

So, its 4 days after new year and pretty much everybody has left the place. Myself and a couple of the other “take it easy” stragglers have decided to take a trip to Antarctica. It was hard to hand over the substantial amount of cash to do the 9 day tour but when else would you have the opportunity to take a trip to the most untouched and difficult to reach continent in the world.  Until then…………………

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11 Responses to “New Years Eve – Ushuaia”

  1. Bob  Says:

    More Asado!!! what a surprise, your gonna need to hit the gym when you get back dude ;0) Good luck in Antarctica, your gonna have more passport stamps than me at this rate ya bastard!!!!

  2. Holly  Says:

    Missing you edster, I don’t think your ever coming back you big hippy you 😛
    x x x x x x x x

  3. Smokehouse  Says:

    Ted it sounds like you are having a great time. I re-iterate what I said in my last post, I do not ever see you coming home and who can blame you and I am so envious. I for one would happily trade places with you right now. I just know that within a few weeks of you arriving home you will wish you had’nt. I have made a decision about Ghastanbury, the details are on my blog in the barbie section. Keep the posts coming.

  4. Holly  Says:

    On your trip to Antarctica look out for the Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd boats that are trying to stop the Japanese hunting the whales out there. They haven’t actually found the Jap boat yet so if you see it, morse code Greenpeace or somethin…!
    Stranger things have happened at sea 😀

  5. Big Sir  Says:

    Looks like all that good eatin’ and good livin’ has taken its toll on your ‘spare tire’ dude!

  6. Ted  Says:

    Well yes, all this good eating is having a negative effect..

    From today I am going on a diet.. Only 1 asado a day now and limiting my beer consumption to 1-2 liters a day 🙂

    Thanks for all the nice comments guys. Ill aim to get my Antarctica pictures and post sorted in the next couple of days.

  7. Big Sir  Says:

    On the contrary dude. I’d have thought being a big fat biffer is a positive advantage for a Hog slut like yourself!!!

  8. Ted  Says:

    Im going to take that as a compliment !!!

  9. Bradley Love  Says:

    Come one dude… write about Antarctica! I wanna hear about how you sold tickets for the Penguins Vs. Polar Bears wrestlefest!

  10. Bradley Love  Says:

    D’oh! Meant “come on”… not “come one”!

  11. Big Sir  Says:

    It was a compliment dude. When was the last time you saw a skinny ass biker??

    By the way – loved the pics of Antarctica. So so jealous!!

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