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I made my way to Ushuaia a few days before New years eve.  Ushuaia (if you didnt know by now) is the “End of the world”. Its the southermost town in the world and the closest you can get to Antartica without having flippers or a tail.

I took the Routa 3 from Rio Grande and headed the 200 Km to Ushuaia. As I approached the deep south the terrain rapidly changed to snow topped mountain ranges and sweeping moutain road. A real treat to the eyes after the thousands of miles of open praire. This is where to rain and cold hits you. Within a 50 miles, the wind gets worse, it starts raining constantly and the cold rushes down off the moutains. For most a miserable experience but it made me feel right at home coming from the North West of England.

From the twisty mountain roads I roll in Ushuaia. An old fishing town which has seriously cashed in on the Tourism. I make my way to the Rio Pipo where I meet some other bikers and prepared for the party…….:)

 Hold fire for the post on New Years eve and my up and coming trip to Antartica.. YES !! Antartica WOOOOOOO

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4 Responses to “Ushuaia”

  1. Smokehouse  Says:

    No pun intended, but how cool is Antarctica? I can see you staying in South America mate. Back home its cold, depressing and damn expensive. You will probably end up working as a coybow on some cattle ranch and lovin it!
    Take care fella…

  2. Ray  Says:

    Alright mate HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sounds like your having a great time, keep us posted and good luck!

  3. muffymeister  Says:

    dunno what you wanna goto antarctica for, with global warming, its like bleedin antarctica here. hope you have fun … bring me a walrus back 😀 oh hang on im living with one :p

  4. Bob  Says:

    pics lookin boss dude, shame your back to the good ol’ UK type weather! get back oop North ya fool!!!

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