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Well i’ve finally made it to Tierra del Fuego (Land of fire) in the deep south of Argentina for Christmas. I left Rio Gallegos at 7.30 on Sunday morning and made my way 250 miles south to Rio Grande. There is no direct way to cross into Argetinian Tierra del fuego without going through Chille so I had to cross into Chille and then back into Argentina 2 hours later. So, my first border crossings !!  I didnt know what to expect but it was very easy and straight forward and the border guards were polite and helpful. I actually had to go through 4 checkpoints… Argentina out, Chille in, then Chile out, Argentina in.. Comprende ?? 🙂

Hostel Argentino 1025 (Large)

Tierra del Fuego is a large island so you have to take a ferry in Chile accross the straighs of Magallan. Its a short 10-15 minute crossing but you have to wait upto 90 minutes for the ferry. On the ferry I get chatting to a really friendly Chillian guy. He barters with the ticket man for me and gets my ticket reduced from 80 pesos to 24 because im on a bike and not a car. He was totally made up when he found out I was from Liverpool as hes a big Beatles and Liverpool FC fan… Its a strange world !

I roll off the ferry onto Tierra del fuego. Tierra del Fuego reminds me a little of Mordor without the Orks. Lots of volcanic features and geology and huge expanses of open country. Very beautiful but again, very windy and cold.. There are few cars about and the roads are mostly pretty good apart from 70 miles of ripio to get to the main large town of Rio Grande. 

So it was a long 8 hour day but I finally arrive in the large town of Rio Grande and to the Hostel Argentino. The Argentino is a brilliant friendly hostel owned by the lovely Graciela. There are lots of Swizz, French and Argentian travellers staying here and the atmosphere is fantastic. I got here on the 23rd December and fellow Brit, Mick O’Malley was already here. Yesterday (24th) we all had a great Christmas dinner and partied until 5am with all the travellers and friends of Graciela. Like always, the Argentinians are very hospitible and cant do enough for you.

I think ill chill out here for a couple of days to change my tyres, wash some clothes and take advantage of the free intenet :). Then its the one day ride south to Ushuaia, the end of the words and a huge New years eve party with all the other travellers who make the long journey south. I cant wait  !!!

Until then, Feliz naviva

Hostel Argentino 1027 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 1028 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 1029 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 1030 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 1031 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 001 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 002 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 003 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 004 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 005 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 006 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 007 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 008 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 009 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 010 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 011 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 013 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 014 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 016 (Large)
Hostel Argentino 017 (Large)


9 Responses to “Tierra del fuego for Christmas”

  1. Quastdog  Says:

    The party was Christmas. We were there – where were U?

    Hope you aren’t disappointed when you get here for New Years and find most the others gone. Come by Hostel Freestyle – 40ppp – bike parking – as good as it gets (if they have a spot). I’ll be playing asado chef.

  2. Quastdog  Says:

    BTW –
    for the real bikers, its one day Rio Gallagos to Ushuaia. But then again, you have to get out of bed before noon.

  3. Ted Magnum  Says:

    Maria and alastair just showed up as I was typing this..

    Lots of people are still heading there for NY’s as far as I know and many staying there 🙂

    As for getting out of bed before noon, I have actually been up before 10am everyday this week. 7.30 on Sunday too !! CRAZY !! 🙂

  4. Smokehouse  Says:

    Ted, Happy Xmas mate. I am there with you in spirit if not in body. How are the finances going, what is the cost of the trip IE fuel and accomodation and hostelling etc. If poss can you post info such as bought a couple of beers, cost me a quid or something?
    Looking forward to your next post.

  5. Bob  Says:

    Lost for words dude, lovin the last few installments!!! God bless the mighty mule and XT of justice.

  6. Matthew Cashmore  Says:

    Really enjoying the blog Ted 🙂

    Glad to see that you’re okay after that nasty bump – had my heart in my mouth when I saw the pics – enjoy Crimbo and Happy New Year!


  7. Aaron (IsleOf)  Says:

    As ever, glad your enjoying the trip. Good pics and write up. Ill be keeping tuned anyway. Merry xmas and a hyappy new year 🙂

  8. tenbears  Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, ted!

    Glad to see you’re OK after that off… shit ‘appens m8.
    Keep those road pics coming!

    All the very best.

  9. Ryan  Says:

    Love the pics of Hotel Argentino! I stayed there on the way south and loved it so much I stayed there again on the way north for 3 nights. How I miss Graciela! By far my favorite local from my ride from Colorado, USA to TDF. She greeted me with a hug and a glass of wine. How nice that was after a long day in the saddle. I was sad though that she was not there on the way north. She had to go to BA for a month. From what I could get via my horrible spanish, she was in the hospital for surgery. Even tried to visit her in BA, but failed to find the correct hospital or my spanish was so bad, they had no idea whom I was searching for. Damn. I am just glad to see that she is doing ok.

    BTW – nice blog.

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