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Just a quick post to let everyone know that im not “banged up abroad” just yet.

I finally left ‘La Posta’ in Azul on Wednesday and rode the long boring Ruta 3 to ‘Sierra de la Ventana’ for a halfway stop before the Horizons Unlimited biker meeting in Viedma.  Routa 3 is really starting to bore me now. Its just open straight highway through the praires with nothing to keep your attention apart from the road kill and 50mph winds which try and blow you into the dirt. Things picked up as we entered the area of ‘Sierra de la Ventana’ which is GORGEOUS. Lots of lush green fields and moutains which reminded me a lot of Snowdonia National park in North Wales. The plan was to camp one night there and climb the highest mountain in Argentina (La Ventana) then ride down to Viedma the next day… We couldnt find anywhere to camp near the Moutain so we stayed in another nice campsite nearby but too far out to do the walk the next day. So, the next day i awoke with a bad hangover and decided to ride down to Viedma alone.

It was another long boring ride down RTA 3 with some absolutely killer winds. At points I was riding at a 30 degree angle to keep in a straight line. I actually saw some mini twisters kicking up sand and debris on the road and not being familiar with these in Britain, I wasnt sure what to do… Images of me being sucked up off my bike and deposited in a tree spung to mind but sadly as i rode through them, I barely felt a wobble !!

So…. 5 hours later I rolled into the campsite in Viedma for the HU meeting. Bikers we already pouring in, mostly from Canada and Germany. One thing about travelling on a bike in South America is that 75% of the other travellers are German. ITS CRAZY ! I think my German will be better than my Spanish when I return 🙂 The good thing is that they are all lovely, friendly, helpful and always up for a beer and a party ! My new favourite European neighbours !!

So, we all spent the last weekend cooking, eating, and generally drinking loads of Quilmes (good Argie beer) and going for rides out to to see the Sea Lions on the beach. 

Tomorrow I think I will be riding down to Las Grutas for a stop before Peninsualr Valdez to see some Whales etc. The next two weeks will be long rides down Ruta 3 to get to Ushauia and the “End of the worlds” for Xmas and New year !! 

P.S  As always i havnt got my photos with me so maybe next time huh !  😉

9 Responses to “Viedma !!”

  1. Smokehouse  Says:

    Yo Ted or should that be Fritz? Good news you have not been banged up yet and even better news that you are having a great time. Your plans for Xmas and the whale watching sound great. As ever looking forward to your next post!!

  2. Aaron (IsleOf)  Says:

    Im glad to hear your still enjoying the trip. Youll be glad to hear its hovering about -1 degrees here and was blowing gales last week. Keep up the good work and try get us some more piccys 😉

  3. Ray  Says:

    Alright Edwin, good to hear your having a great time and still ok! Have a good christmas and new year and look forward to hearing from you soon. Adios Amigos Ray

  4. Danquart  Says:

    Hi Edgar old chap,
    Just to wish You a merry christmas in the bottom of the world, and a happy and sexually enrichening new year.!!!!
    Ride safe Edmund.
    Love and peace,

  5. Bob  Says:

    An there was me thinkin you were sharin a cell with Bubba for Christmas, dont worry mate, theres still time ;0)

  6. Lee  Says:

    Bleeding hard work finding time to update the site isn’t it when your having fun… Ted

  7. tenbears  Says:

    C’mon ted… Bang those pics up goddammit! I wanna see the country, the route…. y’know…. the RIDE! It’s no good saying thisORthat highway’s boring… let’s see it, man… and make our minds up. Remember my own ‘report’ on VD? Folk said the Dakotas were dull but I didn’t think so & hoped I showed it.

    More pics ted, lots more pics.

    I know its a drag, but remember, you may never pass through those places again, and memories fade, snap away m8 coz you wont regret it.

    All the best, glad you’re OK. Stay safe.


  8. Reggie  Says:

    Mornin’ Matey,

    well you’ll be pleased to know it was -4deg C this mornin’ and bloody slippy for biking but Team Serow got safely to work! Looking forward to seeing your next batch of piccys.

  9. Ted  Says:

    Life is hard yes :)Its actually really tough to find time to collate photos and write a blog when your really laid back and relaxing etc..

    I had a bad crash a couple of days ago. 70mph on tough dirt gravel roads. Bike is a battered and im a bit sore but im still travelling and the XT is holding together like a horney viking ! Ill update the blog very soon with the gory details 🙂

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