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The day before yesterday, myself, Daniel and Sebastian decided to take a ride out into the country… Daniel seemed to know the way from his last visit here so he took the lead. We rode unpaved gravel tracks which were full of pot holes and bumps straight through the countryside. This was the first time I had tested myt bikes offroad capabilities and my god, it was a challenge. I had prepared the bike for the highway which meant road tyres and long gearing which is the worst thing for offroad…. Daniel and Sebastian had more powerful bikes with dirt biast tyres so it took some work to keep up. It was great fun though with us blasting up these tracks at 70mph with huuuuge dust clouds behind us. It was a fight to not take last place as visibilty would then be about 2 feet, meaning you had to ride blind and drop back to where the dust had settled….

Yesterday Damiel left to return to Dakar Motos. Just as he left, a Portugese guy called Antonia arrived. Hes been riding over Brazil. I think we may all go out into the centre tonight or maybe have another Asado 🙂

I think I will leave Azul in a few days and head for the “Sierra de la Ventana”. This is a national park and has the highest moutains in Los Pampas. Its about 150 miles from here and is kinda on the way to the Horizons Meeting at Viedma so it should break up the trip down there nicely…

Until then……………

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2 Responses to “Ride out into “las pampas””

  1. Bob  Says:

    Enough with the asado’s dude, even after my own cooked sunday dinner my mouths watering!!!! surely its gotta start raining soon or your gonna get a severe case of the trotts. Its not fair you havin all this fun while Im stuck in your old office!!!!

    Oh and Id like to clearly state for the record I had nothing to do with helping Ed choose his rock ferry crack dealer tracksuit… …honest ;0)

  2. Lee  Says:

    Aww our little Ted all grown up and exploring the world. I’m doing the same met up with a guy called Mark who says hi, we ride hard but rest a whole lot harder. Afterall it’s a HOLIDAY.

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