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Duncan left last week to Mendoza so I decided to move back to Dakar Motos. The apartment is comfortable, full off mod cons and town, San Fernando is very pretty but its not really travelling and plus, there’s very little to do. When I arrived at Dakar, there was a German lady, Ushi, staying here whilst waiting for her bike and also a Canadian guy called Tom and a Californian girl called Chirsti. They were knocking about Buenos Aires whilst working on their bikes. Tom and Cristi suggested I ride down with them to a city called Azul to visit the “La Posta del Viajero en Moto”. Daniel, a German regular at Dakar also decided to follow us down too as “Sebastian of the shire” was also staying there. So onwards I went to explore some more of Argentina.

The ride to Azul is taken along Ruta 3. Well, that´s is after spending 30 minutes working out the Buenos Aires ring road 🙂 !!!! Ruta 3 is a long and mostly straight highway which runs though “Los pampas”. These are the flat open praires and fields of mid Argentina. Pretty mind numbing really but it really gives you a perspective of just how large and open some parts of Argentina are. Miles of open fields occasionally broken up by a bunch of trees or a very small town. I had to share the road with some pretty large trucks whos overtaking procedures and alarming. All wits were required for that 200 mile, 5 hour ride.

We arrived at Azul just as the sun was going down. None of us knew where the hostel “la posta” was so it was left to the Spanish speaking Cristi to flirt with some policemen who gave us the directions. As we turned up at La Posta we were instantly greeted by Jorge and Sebastian and a fresh cup of coffee.  “La Posta del vijero en moto” is a great motorcycle hostel in Azul which is run FREE by Jorge. Jorge is a great guy who runs a motorcycle shop here attatched on the side of the living quarters. We have pretty much been sitting in the sun, drinking beer and eating asado with occasional walks and rides into the city centre for food and exporing. Its really relaxing and chilled out here. People come and go and the locals pop in to chat to Jorge and the travellers. People here are SOOO friendly and hospitible, just like everyone i´ve met in Argentina upto now.

Iv been here for 3 days now. Life is slow and relaxing and Im in no hurry to go anywhere or do anything. This is an attitude shared by Sebastian and Daniel as we sip wine during the eveings while listening to music on my laptop and engage in deep drunken conversation. Life is good !!!

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8 Responses to “Azul…La posta del viajero en moto !!”

  1. Danquart  Says:

    Absolutely luvly jubly!!!!
    Cheers you lucky son of a bitch.
    Luca and Dan

  2. disodbediente  Says:

    I’ve been there! Say Hello to Jeorge!
    There should be a “graffito” on the side of the garage.
    I’ve been first italian guy to come there 🙂

  3. Bob  Says:

    Sweet dude, sounds very similar to South Africa, mucho bueno, hasta luego ;0)

  4. Reggie  Says:

    Mornin’ Matey,

    nice to find that you’re accepting the local ways of life! keep it up!

  5. Cristi  Says:

    Nice. You’ll have to email me those photos…Might I add the egg was nice and cold for whatever it was that happened to my eye 😉 I don’t normally do that…well, at least not on Mondays.

  6. Smokehouse  Says:

    Dude I just love the shiny David Bowie type starman suit! I did not realise they allowed shell suits into Argentina, you look like a crack dealer in Rock ferry!!!

  7. Quiero Adelgazar  Says:

    Encontré tu blog por pura casualidad y me gustó mucho el contenido que publicas. Hace bastante que estoy leyendo tus artículos. Agregaré la dirección a mi lector de noticias. Si tienes ganas, accede a mi blog. Seguiré comentando!

  8. Ted  Says:

    Muchas gracias ! 🙂 Estoy muy feliz que lo usted gusta !

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