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I had my first run in with the local plod today. I took a short cut down a one way street to get to the apartment JUST as a police car pulled into the road from the other side.. DOH !!!!

He asked for my licience so I gave him a nice fake one a had made up. He seemed satisfied with it and went on to explain that the street was one way. I played the dumb tourist and apologised and smiled alot and he went on his way… 

I’ve decided to move to Dakar Motos in a day or two. Its much closer to the city centre and there’s a constant trickle of people coming through. San Fernando is nice but a little sleepy and quiet during the evenings apart from a bingo hall…hmmmmm ! 

12 Responses to “My first run in with the police – Only took me a week :)”

  1. Aaron (IsleOf)  Says:

    Sounds like youve had a good time and met some nice folks already Ted, and you havent even left Buenos Aires yet. The blog is coming along great. Be sure and keep us up to date whenever you can 🙂

  2. muffymeister  Says:

    LMAO!! so be both been done over by the bleedin fuzz! ha ha ha glad to see its all going well for you, hope it stay well for you

  3. Lee  Says:

    LMAO known to the local fuzz already Teddy, Banged Up Abroad in three weeks is my bet, so what are the local ladies like.

    Let me know what prison you end up in and I will send you a cake with a file inside.

    Ride safe matey

  4. Ted Magnum  Says:

    Thanks for the offer of a cake, just make sure its chocolate.. YUM !!!

  5. Fuddman  Says:

    Nice going doofy!
    Why have you got a fake licence anyway? Thought your licence would be valid!

  6. Vicci  Says:

    OMG What r u like? Have loads of fun xxx

  7. Ted Magnum  Says:

    Fake licence: If you give the cops your real licence, the dodgy coppers will confiscate it until they get a fine,bribe or blowjob… If you give them a fake one (they dont know the difference), you tell them your going the bank for the fine but just dissapear into the sunset 🙂

  8. Smokehouse  Says:

    Dude, banged up abroad is looking good. Keep the posts going I look for them every day, unlike my own which only get done once a week!!!
    Regards as ever

  9. dave e  Says:

    re comment #7 If it’s a female cop I’d take the blowjob! enjoy the trip

  10. mickymellon  Says:

    if you need any tips or info, ive been backpacking round the continant for 8 months, just 4 months,Venezuela and Brazil Left!

  11. disodbediente  Says:

    Hey guy!
    Javier told me of your site.
    I’m coming to south america at mid december.
    Where will you be?


  12. lucy  Says:

    hey, I actually saved your link! Good to know you’re having fun. Stay save x

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