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On thursday I headed into the city centre for the first time. I went in with Duncan (Geordie fella staying in the apartment with me). As we don’t get the bikes until next week, it was a 45 min train journey. Not a problem as the trains are clean and reliable and really interesting. People walk up and down the carriages selling stuff (like a UK pub) and you have musicians playing and selling their CD’s. Thats what I love about South America. People are allowed to be themselves and life is so relaxed. In the UK, you would probably be arrested for singing on a train… 🙁

The first thing which struck me is how European and modern the city is. There is so much going on its incredible. It reminds me of Barcelona but with no rules ! We walked around the squares, had coffee and then a dinner on the dock front. Bustling cities really arnt my thing and once I had taken in the atmosphere for the day we headed back to the flat and had dinner. A very touristy day really.

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The next day, Karl invited us to an Asado with Maria and Allastair along with some other bikers from Dakar Motos. A German guy, Sebastian was on form and we gave him the nickname “Sebastian of the shire” due to his lifestyle being very similar to that of a Hobbit (long story). Well, an asado is basically the best BBQ in the world. Huge pieces of meat, sausages and other great things are cooked over charcoal. This shouldnt ever be compared to the standard British BBQ of crap burgers and processed meat sausages with everyone getting pissed and hiding from the rain. Every morsal of meat was like a gorment snack. We all ate huge amounts of wonderful steaks, ribs, sausages peppers etc and then finished off with wine, coffee and icecream…  Truely one of the best parties of my life. Life here is brilliant and I can really see myself living here one day.

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4 Responses to “City centre then Asado !!”

  1. Shells  Says:

    Cold beers and ready cooked meals, gormet asados, and European like South American cafe culture… Life sure does sound tough Tonto 🙂
    Dakar motors looks a bit like the farm in Oz that I am at LOL (but without the cool bikes *sniff*)
    Fingers crossed Jess travels well and you two are happily reunited before you come up with any other Hobbit nicknames for anyone 🙂


  2. Smokehouse  Says:

    He he, I am glad we dont do standard british barbies my friend. Looking forward to your next post

  3. Bob  Says:

    Man its no TedStock ;0) lookin good dude

  4. billy  Says:

    wot tha mean lad,tha cant beat walls or richmonds on t barby,grand
    top read mickey,well entertaining
    Njoy n safe spin dude

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