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Well here I am in Buenos Aires. After all my worry about missing flights, connections and customs bureaucracy, it was probably probably the easiest connection and customs experience i’ve ever had.

My first experience with an Argentinian was old man at Paris. In true Latin American style, he was trying to push through the ques but couldn’t get past
my large rucksack so he called me “Tonto”. That’s “Stupid” in Spanish 🙂

I had arranged to meet a guy called Duncan in the airport. He had just sold his restaurant in Devon and plans a full round the world trip. We thought it would make sense to meet in Buenos Aires and find somewhere to stay, especially as our bikes were on the same boat.

Duncan was waiting for me in arrivals and we decided to get a taxi to a biker workshop called Dakar Motos, where we would meet Karl. Karl is setting us up with an appartment for a few days until we get our bikes sorted from the docks.

We are jumped on by a taxi driver within 20 seconds of meeting each other and agree a price to Dakar Motos. It’s quite far out in
the suburbs (45 mins from Airport and the taxi driver gets lost a few times but we get there in the end. We had agreed a price in the airport
for 80 pesos (about £11) and he tried to change the price to 140 on arrival. I argued the case in broken Spanish and have him a 100 note. Just as I was
about to get out, he shouted me and was holding a 10 peso note. The cheeky sod was trying to make out I gave him a 10 instead of a 100.
After a few raised voices I suggested he call the police and he decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

We were greeted by Javier at Dakar Motos. Him and his wife run the place together and I have to say its fantastic. It basically a workshop with a few bunk beds and a kitchen in the back. Its a real hub and haven for bike travellers who need repairs or just somewhere cheap and friendly to stay while passing through. There were a few German bikers staying there and in a couple of minutes we were all drinking coffee and discussing our travel plans.

Shortly after, Maria and Allastair had arrived. I had been chatting to these guys on Horizons Unlimited. They were on their way down from Colombia and needed some repairs and R&R. As it happened, they were also staying in Karls apartment. The rest of the day was spent at Dakar Motos making friends and drinking “Mate” with other bike travellers. What a brilliant day !!

Karl chauffeured us to the apartment where M&A already had beers chilling and meal ready to go.. Fantastic !!  🙂

Today, we head back to Dakar Motos where we will try and arrange to have our bikes released from the port.

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4 Responses to “Arrived in Buenos Aires”

  1. smokehouse  Says:

    Ted, glad to see you have made it fella. I hope you find the bike in one piece and you have a great time.

  2. Dakota  Says:

    You made it at last!!! I’m jealous. Send my regards to Maria. Alison x

  3. Bob  Says:

    Is right Ted! kickin off on old men and robbing taxi drivers 5 minutes into your adventure! cant wait to hear the next installment ;0)

  4. Earache  Says:

    The adventure begins! Looking forward to more photos and updates as the travel continues….

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