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I fly out in 24 hours so thought I might as well post now rather than tomorrow when I’ll be too busy looking for my passport 🙂

I’m so excited that I can’t sit still. I know there’s loads of stuff I’ve probably forgotten and there’s bound to be things that I could/should be researching and preparing for, but I’m too excited and worked up to care now.

I’m REALLY not looking forward to the flights and general bureaucracy of airports, immigration and customs but it’s a necessary evil. My worry is that I will miss my connecting flight (45 min connection) or that the airline or Argentinian customs don’t let me through without a return flight. My hand luggage is bound to gather some interest too as its full of Asthma medication, GPS, electricals, zip ties, copies (illegal) of official documents and to top it off i’ll be wearing my motocross boots and an Aussie cowboy hat !

Once I get to Buenos Aires I’ll have to find a taxi to take me across town to a flat that I’ll hopefully be staying in, then try and get in contact with the shipping agents at the port and pray that the bike is in one piece.

Then ill be loose in South America on an incredibly heavy bike and nowhere to really go.

 I cant wait !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

4 Responses to “Off I go……”

  1. Aly  Says:

    I wish you all the best Ed, will keep updating myself via your tourguide website (which is fantastic by the way). Hope it is even better than how you imagine it.

    Lots of love aly (another ex 🙂 but a peachy one) xxxxx

  2. Sigsy  Says:

    Dude, looking forward to the update. Been keeping track(albeit at the back) of what’s been happening from your posts on VD. Dead jealous and would have joined if i hadn’t just got back from Oz!
    Looking forward to the next update…

  3. tenbears  Says:

    All the best Ted. Good Luck % Bon Voyage.

  4. Braulio Suarez  Says:

    Well Ted wellcome to my coutry i hope you have fun in your trip best luck and wishes .
    remember if you need something you can contac me as well if you came to Cordoba
    saludos Braulio

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