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My shipping company (Dynamic International), has just informed me that my bike left port for Argentina last Saturday.

This is officially the point of no return. Even if I changed my mind today, i would still have to go to Argentina to retrieve my bike.

I wish I could of been at the port side, waving the ship away with a white hankie…

I fly out to meet it in exactly 2 weeks. Not long now………

5 Responses to “The bikes on the way”

  1. smokehouse  Says:

    Of course if you had of told all the ladies of the date when the bike was leaving port they could have got their tits out and waved their bras at the ship. Ah well never mind you will know for next time old chum.

  2. Reggie  Says:

    Hi Matey,

    well at last your escaped from the constraints of the work environment. Have a wonderful trip and we look forward to reading about your exploits (probally covered in the Daily Sport or News of the World).

  3. JD  Says:

    I bet £10 that it takes him 2 weeks before his in the next Banged up Abroad, Ride safe mate.

  4. Danquart  Says:

    Dear Edward,
    (what a soppy start)
    allo there my Magnum matey,
    Gaw·d blin me, so You·re off!
    Bloomin fantastic! You·ll have a great time being the outgoing, handsome bugger I know!
    I look (and will be looking) every day at Your blog, imagining where You are, how You are, and what the one you·re with looks like: blond ,redhead, brunette or, most likely in SA, dark and juicy!!!!
    Argh. Why ain·t I there with You. There·s plenty enough to share!
    Well my dear Edward: have a bomb…. and tell me about it, with all the fantastic details when You·re on the way and even more detailed, when You·re back! Don·t be in a hurry though! You won·t miss a lot being away.

  5. SalCar  Says:

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures in S.A.!!!
    Take lot’s of pictures, ride safe and have fun!
    PS Nice blog layout!

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