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My shipping company (Dynamic International), has just informed me that my bike left port for Argentina last Saturday.

This is officially the point of no return. Even if I changed my mind today, i would still have to go to Argentina to retrieve my bike.

I wish I could of been at the port side, waving the ship away with a white hankie…

I fly out to meet it in exactly 2 weeks. Not long now………


Well here we go. My first post on my new blog. Keeping with in the theme of my whole preparation, the blog is late, rushed and I don’t know really how to use it.

I was going to start writing my blog on the day that I landed in South America, but the last few weeks have been an adventure in their own right.
I started my preparation about a month ago really. I already had the bike and most of the gear so I thought all I needed to do was to book a few flights and drop the bike off at the packers. Simple!!


Planning for a long trip in a foreign continent is very much like DIY. You have a few ideas on paper and think it will be pretty straight forward. I mean, you’ve read a few articles and have seen the documentaries. How hard can it be?

In reality, it costs twice as much and you end up thinking its more trouble than its worth. That is until you sit back and prepare a nice streak in your new home made kitchen.

Well, I’m not that good at DIY, cooking or metaphors either, so here’s my preparation summarised into a few simple steps.

Step 1:

I signed upto the Horizons Unlimited website. This dedicated motorcycle traveller site will get you loads of responses by genuinely helpful people. A true god send!! I’ve learnt so mush on that site over the last couple of years. They host meetings world wide too. If you haven’t already signed up, do it !

Step 2:

I phoned a shipping company (Dynamic International) and told them where I’m going to. Paid my money and emailed them documents. Very easy and very simple… Almost too easy!! Something is bound to go wrong soon.

Step 3:

Book non-refundable one way flights to Buenos Aires.

Step 4:

I realised that my flights had a ridiculous connection window. 45 minutes. I booked another flight to try and make connection but that flight ended up invalidating my connecting flight. Bloody nightmare. Then I realised that I maybe refused entry without a return flight. I’m just going to have to turn up at the airport with a big smile, a bible and hope I just hope I make it through.

Step 5:

I hired van and drive bike 300 miles to the bike packers. Halfway to the packers I realised id forgotten my spare tyres and loads of other bits and pieces. It was 4.30am though so I’ll let myself off.

Step 6 (3 weeks before flight):

Realise you need loads of vaccinations which take 4 weeks to complete.. ooops ! Had to pay private rates  for a couple of them because the NHS waiting list was too long. I also realised (now the bike is gone) that my spare inner tubes are still in the post.

Well, that’s my first post over with. That took flipping ages. Wish I hadn’t bothered with this blog thing now 🙂

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